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Benefits of Life Coaching

By: Aysha Schurman

Life coaching is the very personalized practice of guiding someone to his goals in life. It is a combination of counseling, mentoring, problem-solving and cheerleading. The coaching is meant to help people solve and overcome their personal obstacles in an organized way to achieve an ultimate goal.

The benefits of life coaching are debatable because different people can get different results. What one person feels is beneficial may not help another person. However, there are a few overall benefits that most life coaches aim for:

  • Increased Confidence: A life coach is somewhat of a cheerleader as well as an advisor. She is there to help you stay positive and focused. Her aid and friendship can help increase your self confidence. The increased self confidence can help with business or your personal life. It can also aid you with romantic interests or just with making friends.
  • Goal Achievement: By fine tuning your goal progress and keeping you on track, a life coach can help you not only reach your goals, but reach them with greater speed than you would have alone. This goal achievement is what the ultimate purpose of a life coach is, and is the ultimate benefit in having one.
  • Increased Awareness: Having a sounding board helps you get honest feedback without embarrassment. A life coach can gently make you understand what your problems are and how to overcome them. This learning and advice can lead to a much deeper understanding of yourself and an increased awareness to other's reactions to you.
  • Better Mood: As a life coach helps increase your confidence and helps you reach your goals, they also help improve your mood. It's hard not to smile when things are going right. You'll be happier with who you are and where you are in your life, making you plain happier overall.

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