What is Life Coaching?

Holistic life coaching is focusing on moving your life forward. Perhaps you feel as though you are going sixteen directions all day long. You feel the strong desire to spend more quality time with your spouse, redevelop social connections and even take a bit of time out for yourself. However, you are stressed, anxious and worried about what will happen to your job if you take these take time out to for personal considerations.

We will work together to be very specific about all of these goals. Discover what it will truly take to achieve your desired outcome without sacrificing what is important to you. I will help you to see realistic options that you previously had not realized were available. You will learn how to shift your attitude in ways that will let you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Together we will discuss plans for achieving small and large goals. You will be asked to take action! This will be your 'homework' and we will review this homework at our next session. Based on results the plan constantly evolves to meet your needs, acknowledging every success and continuously striving for your peace, joy and serenity.

Remember, there are no unrealistic goals, simply untried methods of achieving those goals.

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