January 12, 2010

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  • Wisecracks (A Coachable Moment)
  • Retreat - February Retreat - Registration Deadline - January 14th
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      Vision Board - New Date
      Mastermind - Groups Forming Now to begin in February
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Wisecracks (A Coachable Moment)

So excited about next month's retreat. The deadline for regsitration is just a few days away, Thursday, January 14th. If you would like to let your hair down, relax and take care of you for a few days, this is for you. Please join us. Read more, register... http://tr.im/JSZo

I hear from so many people that they are stressed, worried about the economy, feeling over-whelmed about holidays just over and now concerns about what 2010 is going to bring for them. These people need a coach!

It's important to me to step up and do my part, so I decided to offer my Fabulous Coaching Special. My offer is this, for $150. a month, you will receive two 1 hour sessions per month with a 3 month minimum commitment. That's a substantial savings from my regular rate. I have a set number of slots available and when they are full, that's it. Call or email me to lock in your coaching opportunity. You deserve it.

Choose Happy

A few days ago a man that I greatly respect, Hamid Sean Farjadi asked a simple question, 'Happiness. Where does it come from? Does it just happen? Do you create it?' Sounds like a simple enough question on the surface, but it bears thinking about. Read more... http://tr.im/JSZh

February Retreat - It's All About You!

Okay ladies, this retreat was set up with you in mind. Early February is a great time to think about getting away and take a bit of time to relax and take care of yourself. This retreat is going to be held at a beautiful location in Kettle Moraine, smack dab in the middle of 12 breath takingly beautiful wooded acres. This is a lovely location to read, nap, experience Reiki, PSYCH-K, guided meditation or create your vision board. From February 5-7th we will rest, relax and refresh, reminding you once again that you are more effective when you take care of yourself. For this weekend, it's all about you! Read more, register...http://tr.im/JSZo

Reiki Classes

Reiki Level One

Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010
Time: 12-5 pm

Why learn Reiki yourself? Because you will then have the opportunity to not only practice self-healing, but you will also be able to offer Reiki to those you care about, your family, friends and animal companions. Reiki classes will teach you the history and philosophy of Reiki. You will be attuned to Reiki and will actually practice Reiki self-healing as well as having the opportunity to offer Reiki to others. For more information...http://tr.im/JSZC

Reiki Level Two

Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010
Time: 12-5 pm

During the Reiki level two class we will discuss your Reiki experiences. You will receive level two symbols, which will include the distance symbol. You will be attuned to the second level of Reiki and practice offering Reiki on others as well as sending at a distance. For more information...http://tr.im/JSZC


Vision Board

Date: Friday, January 29, 2010
Time: 6-8 pm

I love vision boards!!! I am constantly amazed and excited about how many things I have put on my vision board and then they have manifested in my life. I can't wait to have you discover this for yourself. Let's set up a workshop for you, with your family or friends. This workshop helps you to realize your best life. We all have hopes and dreams; this class helps you to turn those hopes and dreams into goals and intentions. You will come to understand the importance of targeting and focusing your attention on your goals. Learn more...http://tr.im/JT07


Laurie said, 'When I first heard about the possibilities of the MasterMind group it just felt right so I had to check it out for myself. I was very intrigued to explore this concept of sharing a combined energy among all the participants with Spirit as a main component working on our behalf. After only 2 weeks I started seeing dramatic results. I am certain this is the result of attending the weekly MasterMind group and being able to discuss, set and share our goals and intentions together. I'm so glad that Sandy invited me to participate. So, if Sandy has invited YOU, I highly recommend that you listen up and give it a try!

Laurie Waarvik
Certified Biofeedback Practitioner

These groups rock! Lives are changing in big and small ways, but here's the one common denominator, they are changing easily. That's the power of the MasterMind. We meet for twelve (12) powerful weeks. The participants are experiencing true be life changes, large and small. There really is power in working and supporting others knowing that they are supporting and holding wonderful intentions for you. Learn more... http://tr.im/JT07

'My wife is in the first MasterMind group that Sandy Walden started and says it's the best group of gals she's partnered with in a long time - if ever. Pat says it's good for her and praises it highly. And when Sandy said she wanted to start another group I was right there signing up.

At our second meeting the group agreed there might be a better way than chasing after business, and running around to networking groups, etc. We thought it would be desirable to have people come looking for us and our services. Less than 48 hours after we decided that and put that intention out there, I got three calls with new business; a call out of the blue, an opportunity to team up with someone that had been meaning to call me and an offer to do a second project with a fairly new client.


David L. White

Learn more, register to participate... http://tr.im/JT07

Make That Connection

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in group situations or meeting new people? Do you worry about who you will talk to or wonder what to say?

This two (2) hour interactive workshop teaches you to easily and effortlessly make a connection with others. You'll learn simple skills to begin a conversation and learn to truly enjoy the process. Not only will you learn these skills, you'll understand why they work in all situations. Learn more... http://tr.im/JT07


Sandy's Sangha (Meditation group)

This weeks gathering is 9:30 - 11 am. The time spent meditating is a time to connect to your heart. This weekly meditation is open to all who would like to participate. Learn more... http://tr.im/JT07

Book Club, Discussion Club - Radical Forgiveness

No meeting in January as I will be out of town.

Spotlight a Great Business!

Your Message Doctor

Are you trying to be heard? Be clear? Get things done? Make greater profit?

David White helps people, businesses and groups achieve these goals.

Your message is key. Getting it in front of your people is what he does. David is a long-time team member with illustrators, photographers, graphic and web designers, apparel providers and printers.

He can write your message, edit your text, or be that final set of eyes and proofread your work. He can design your news and put your logo on tee shirts, caps and jackets. He can set you up with a blog, advise you on your LinkedIn page, and much, much more. What do you want?

Speaking of which, David is the author of the recently published What Do You Want? The Last Self-Help Book You'll Ever Need to Buy. Finally, as a practicing poet, David is always on the lookout for an appropriate word.


How to Get Started


Contact David L. White at 414-282-7185 or
Your Message Doctor

Referral Program

If you are a client of mine, and you refer a new client for either a Reiki or coaching session, your next appointment after that referrals session has been completed is free, with my sincere thanks and appreciation.

I intend to have a spectacular week, I wish the same or better for you.


'For Focus and Balance, Seek Serenity'

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