March 02, 2011

Feel the Sunshine!

Ahhhh, can you feel the spring breeze yet? Okay, it may be a bit early, but I'm just about ready for it. I suspect that a few of you are as well.

As the seasons change we prepare for changes as well. We plan new beginnings. Renew our desire to be healthy and happy.

At Serenity, we offer modalities which enhance these experiences, while offering gentle support.

Life Coaching - Are you ready to move forward feeling empowered? It's all up to you, make the choice to live your best life, you deserve it.

Hypnosis allows you to make changes which allow you to life a better life. Clients have received excellent results from pain relief to enhanced focus and better testing. And of course, so much more. When you the way your mind thinks, you change the way your life unfolds.

Reiki offers you gengle healing as it restores balance to your system. Come in to experience a Reiki session. Learning Reiki also allows you to offer yourself or your loved ones Reiki at any time you choose.

MasterMind groups are all about learning to appreciate and incorporate the law of attraction in your life, deliberately and most wonderfully. This or something better.

Watch the newsletters or the website to learn about this months free workshop.

Reiki shares are held every month. Practitioners of all levels are welcome. Feel the healing, share the healing.


Thank You to My Clients

When you refer a client who books a Reiki session with me, it is my privilege to thank you with a free Reiki session of your own after-wards.

Truly, the greatest compliment you can give me is to refer me to your friends and family.

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March Schedule

Reiki Class - Level 1

Sunday, March 6th
Learn about Reiki for yourelf and others.

Reiki Share

Monday, March 7th
6:30-8:00 pm
Offer and receive powerful Reiki healing. Space is limited so reserve your space. 414-378-8764

Reiki Class - Level 2

Sunday, March 6th
This level increases your flow of Reiki. Are you ready to grow?

March Workshop Create Your Outdoor Serenity Space

Monday, March 21st
6:30-7:30 pm
An outdoor serenity space. Thoughts and tips on how to create the space you will love to be in while you mediteate and dream. You'll feel more zen-like when your plants thrive!
Nancy, Lusz, landscape professional will offer easy tips and answer your questions.

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Relieve Stress
Enhance Focus
Release Fears
Build Confidence
Past Life Regression
and so much more

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