March 10, 2010

It's been a while since I've sent out a newsletter. I generally think that less is more. As email can become over-whelming, I've decided to scale it back. So, this newsletter will now come out once a month, rather than once a week. Feels better to me and I hope it's more welcome to you that way as well.

While I will endeavor to list updated events on the newsletter, please know that for the most up to date information on events, workshops, retreats, etc. the best bet is to simply visit the website at


The Answers are Within You

You have all of the answers to what you want inside of you. I can almost hear you saying, huh? Does that sound helpful to you or confusing? Not to worry, it's all about to become clear.

What I commonly hear from a potential client is that they are confused or frustrated about where they are in their life, and they would like me as their holistic life coach to provide answers. That's so not the way it works! Read more...

Thank You to My Clients

When you refer a client who books a Reiki session with me, it is my privilege to thank you with a free Reiki session of your own afterwards.

Truly, the greatest compliment you can give me is to refer me to your friends and family.

April Retreat
April 15 - 17

May Retreat
May 21 - 23

Reiki Class, Level 1
Sunday, March 21

Sandy's Sangha (Meditation group)

March Special!

Schedule and pay for 3 Reiki sessions, knowing that the 3rd session is 50% off.

Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to experience the gentle healing and relaxation of Reiki today?
Call or email Sandy

Final Thoughts

Spring is right around the corner, yes, even here in Wisconsin! It's a time of new beginnings. A new happening at Serenity is massage being offered by Tony Grimm. He's amazing. If you'd like to schedule your massage with Tony, give him a jingle. 414.543.0855

I hope to see you soon, for Reiki, life coaching, MasterMind, a retreat or some other wonderful happening.

Until then, know that I'm sending you only the best.


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