April 02, 2012

Welcome Spring!!!

Are you ready to welcome your very best life?

Relaxation + healing = progress. Let's get started.

Give me a jingle at  (414) 378-8764 or drop me a line via email: Serenity@SandyWalden.com.   

Reiki - this powerful energy healing modality offers you balance so that you are able to release stress and heal yourself. Mind, body and soul. Relax, calm and heal...ahhhhh, feels so good.

Reiki class - It's a wonderful feeling to be able to experience self-care by giving yourself Reiki anytime you prefer. When you have Reiki in your energy field, you are able to offer yourself or your loved ones Reiki at any time you choose.

Hypnosis - Some of the most common changes people choose to make are weight loss and smoking cessation. Hypnosis can make these endeavors so much easier than you may have imagined.

* Enhance Confidence
* Hypno-birthing
* Release Grief
* Heal Faster

And so much more. Are you ready to move forward?


Holistic Life Coaching - It really is all about you! Aren't you glad we got that cleared up? The choices are yours; allow me to help you see the options. 

Readings with Vicki
When you meet with Vicki, she uses the cards to share her intuition, what her guides and yours want you to know.

Reiki with Nancy
Nancy is working out of a beautiful space in East Troy. Can you feel the ahhhhhh...

Reiki Class Level 1

Sunday, April 15
9am - 2pm

Learn Reiki for self healing and to offer to others. 

Reiki Class Level 2

Sunday, April 29 February 19
9am - 2pm

This level increases your flow of Reiki. Are you ready to grow?

Reiki Class, Master Level

Scheduled by request
Prerequisite of level 1 and level 2.



Ideal Weight
Smoking Cessation
Past Life Regression
Enhance Focus, Test
Release Fears, Build
Reduce Pain, Feel Better
...so much more


Change the Way Your Mind Thinks and Change the Way Your Life Unfolds

Are you ready to begin living your best life!

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Thank You To My Clients

Truly, the greatest compliment you can give me is to refer me to your friends and family.

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  Spring is the Season of Change  
I love springtime, seeing the daffodils showing off their brilliant colors so very early is very inspiring!

This year I have made some huge changes. I've left the office space on National Av and feel as though my wings are spreading. It feels very good!

Yes, I am continuing to work, in fact I feel very blessed to be meeting more people every week. Now I am dividing my time between two locations. One near the airport and the other in Brookf
ield. If we haven't connected in sometime, let's put it on the calendar.

Springtime 2012

MasterMind Group Forming

Tuesday evenings
6 - 8pm
We will begin May 1st

Time after time, I'm amazed, humbled and excited at the changes that people make when they actively participate in MasterMind groups.

Easily and effortlessly. Now, that's the way to welcome changes. All that is required is an open mind and a willing heart. I'm pretty sure you've got all of that already. Let's get to work. :)

To register for this group either drop me a line at Serenity@SandyWalden.com, give me a jingle 414-378-8764 or visit the website to register,
Register today to reserve your space!

Moving thru Pain/Loss into Healing

Have you experienced a loss? Loss brings with it grief. This may be due to a death, divorce, business or job loss, perhaps a friendship or pet. It hurts! Normal, human reaction.

There is no one way to move through any of these losses. Sometimes we read about the steps of grief and feel if we have not experienced one or more, or that we are doing them out of order that we are not grieving properly. Holy cats, that's quite a lot of burden to add to grief.

I want to assure you again and again, that the way you move through grief and begin to heal is perfect. It's become a very important focus of mine, to walk that healing journey with others. There is life, happiness and joy waiting for you. When you are ready.

Are you ready to acknowledge your grief and to consider the possibility of healing? Let's talk.


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