June 11, 2010

Summer is Here!

Ahhh, the smell of fresh cut grass, flowers bursting into bloom and butterflies visiting the garden everyday. I love this time of year and the changes it brings.

One of the changes that has been the most beneficial to me was adding Reiki to my life. Reiki has brought me an amazing number of blessings. I'm grateful for the emotional and physical healing it has brought about and the wonderful people that it have come into my life, one way or another, due to Reiki. Ahhh, it feels so good.

My wish for you is the opportunity to enjoy changes that are taking place in your life, every season and every day.

Wisecracks Prayer vs Meditation

A client recently asked me how I compared prayer to meditation. Hmmm, I hadn't really taken the time to think about the difference, but this was clearly the right time to give it a bit of thought...Read more http://bit.ly/chZAOL

Reiki Class

Reiki Level 1
Sunday, June 20
12-5 pm

June Special!

Pay for three (3) Reiki sessions and your 3rd is 50% off!

Reiki Sessions

Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to experience the gentle healing and relaxation of Reiki today?

Call or email Sandy at (414) 378-8764 or Serenity@SandyWalden.com

Thank You to My Clients

When you refer a client who books a Reiki session with me, it is my privilege to thank you with a free Reiki session of your own after-wards.

Truly, the greatest compliment you can give me is to refer me to your friends and family.

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