June 12, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

If you didn't hear Julie Andrews singing when you read that, go back and try it again. :)

Reiki - this powerful energy healing modality offers you balance so that you are able to release stress and heal yourself. Mind, body and soul. Relax, calm and heal...ahhhhh, feels so good.

Reiki class - It's a wonderful feeling to be able to experience self-care by giving yourself Reiki anytime you prefer. When you have Reiki in your energy field, you are able to offer yourself or your loved ones Reiki at any time you choose.

Hypnosis - Some of the most common changes people choose to make are weight loss and smoking cessation. Hypnosis can make these endeavors so much easier than you may have imagined.

* Enhance Confidence
* Hypno-birthing
* Release Grief
* Heal Faster

And so much more. Are you ready to move forward?


Holistic Life Coaching - It really is all about you! Aren't you glad we got that cleared up? The choices are yours; allow me to help you see the options. 

Are you ready to begin living your best life?

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Thank You To My Clients

Truly, the greatest compliment you can give me is to refer me to your friends and family.

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Growing and Changing  

How do you feel about change? I hope that you embrace change because the simple fact is that it's unavoidable. You aren't the same person that you were when you opened your eyes this morning. You've had thoughts and experiences that have changed you. How cool is that?

As the seasons have changed, I am welcoming major changes in my world. And they are happening fast!!!

I'm leaving town. Well, that sounds a bit dramatic, but I am moving to central Wisconsin. There will be changes with Serenity and there will be changes in the way that I work with clients.

Coaching, hypnosis and Reiki are enjoyable and powerful when we are face to face. However, be assured that they are also effective when we work via phone or Skype. 

I will be creating more recordings which will be available on the website. www.SandyWalden.com I will also be developing programs.

Reiki classes will continue to be available monthly, either in Milwaukee, East Troy or Oxford.

Where and how I work with clients is changing, but I'm not going anywhere. :)

If you prefer in person Reiki sessions, please give me a call at 414-378-8764 or send me an email at Serenity@SandyWalden.com and I will be happy to provide you with the names and contact information of Reiki practitioner's who I trust completely

Changing and growing. It's part of life and I have to say; it feels terrific.