August 03, 2011

Let's talk.

Are you looking for relaxation, pure and simple? Are you ready to release a fear or begin forgiving and healing? Is it time to begin finding out just what you want in life?

The decisions are yours to make, let me help you see the options and opportunities.

Give me a jingle at (414) 378-8764 or drop me a line via email:

Reiki - this powerful energy modality offers you balance so that you are able to release stress and heal yourself. Mind, body and soul. Relax, calm and heal...ahhhhh, feels so good.

Reiki class - It's a wonderful feeling to be able to experience self-care by giving yourself Reiki anytime you prefer. When you have Reiki in your energy field, you are able to offer yourself or your loved ones Reiki at any time you choose.

Holistic Life Coaching - It really is all about you! Aren't you glad we got that cleared up? The choices are yours; allow me to help you see the options.

Hypnosis - Have you ever thought that you may have done this before, experienced a bit of deja vu? Perhaps it's time that you experience a past life regression with hypnosis. Many believe we have lived before and will again. Others believe that these regressions are healing journeys through our mind. Either way, the benefits can be tremendous. Are you ready to embrace the adventure?

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