October 27, 2009

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Wisecracks (A Coachable Moment)

Do you make plans? Of course I do, but it's not unusual for real life to abruptly change those plans. There is a saying, something like this 'If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.' In short things come up and we have a couple of options. We can resist or we can roll with it, guess which I suggest?

Apple Mystery

I don't cook or bake very often anymore, my husband John likes to do it and he's really very good at it as well. Hooray for me!

Today I decided that I should do a bit of baking. It's a lovely autumn day, the rain has finally stopped, the dog has been walked and John is outside chopping wood for the fireplace. It seems like the only thing left to do is bake, so I decided to make an apple slab cake. Yummy.

I meandered off to the kitchen, found a recipe and started working on the apples. John came into the kitchen and we chatted a bit, disturbing my rhythm a little, but I didn't get too far off track. After all, this is one of the things I used to be able to make without a recipe, so I went back to work.

As I got a bit farther along, I realized I didn't have one or 2 key ingredients. So, I looked at 2 or 3 other recipes. John came in offering suggestions and thoughts before I finally chased him away for good. In the end I wound up making something that I'm going to call apple mystery. I have no idea what this is going to taste like, in fact I'm not even sure what it will look like. But I'm a bit excited to find out.

As I was finishing cleaning up the mess I made while making my apple mystery it occurred to me that this is just what my life is like, and I suspect it's a bit like yours. So the holistic life coach that lives inside of me decided I needed to share this epiphany with you.

We make plans for where we are going or how we are going to spend our life. But stuff happens, we find out that the plans need to be changed or that we may have to operate without a plan at all. Our lives are an apple mystery.

The fun part of this is that we never know just what today or tomorrow are going to look like. We may have a pretty good idea what we expect but if a few ingredients change, it can all change in a moment.

Is there a lesson here? Sure, but I doubt very much that it's new to either of us. Go ahead, make plans, set goals and live your life. But when changes occur, when your plans are altered without warning, roll with it as much as possible. Enjoy the apple mystery.


Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I - Schedule Updated

Sunday, November 22nd and December 6th
12 - 5pm $150.00

This class provides:

  • History and Philosophy of Usui Reiki
  • Overview of the Chakra system
  • Attunement to Reiki
  • Basic hand positions for Reiki treatment
  • Practice self-healing as well offering Reiki to another

This class provides the attunement to begin the flow of Reiki energy. Training manual and certification of completion will be provided.

Reiki Level II - Schedule Updated

Sunday, Sunday, December 13th

12 - 5pm $150.00 (Pre-requisite Reiki Level I)

This class provides:

  • Attunement to Reiki Level II
  • Discussion of Reiki experiences
  • Symbols for Level II as well as practice drawing and using symbols
  • Practice sending distant Reiki

This class provides attunement to level 2 of Reiki energy, which increases the flow of energy for the practitioner. Training manual and certification will be provided.

Reiki Healing Circle - New Berlin

Saturday, November 21st
Time: 9-11 am

This Reiki Healing Circle is open to everyone! All Reiki practitioners of any level. If you would like to offer Reiki, you are welcome. Who may ask to receive Reiki? Again, anyone and everyone. There are no parameters, if you feel that you would like to receive Reiki, you are welcome. All ages are welcome, all levels of health.

Reiki is very simply, Universal Life Energy. It's gentle healing occurs on whatever level we need it, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. I am grateful for the changes that Reiki has made in my life and it's very important to me to share this with others. In short, it's simply a blessing to get together and share this this amazing gift.

Space is limited, so if you are able to RSVP it is very helpful. However, if you decide at the last minute that this is where you belong, come on over! You will most definitely be welcome.

There is no fee to attend the Reiki Healing Circle.


Book Club, Discussion Club - Radical Forgiveness

Meeting the 3rd Tuesday of each month, next meeting on Tuesday, November 17th
6-8 pm
Hot tea and water provided
$5 per week

Please RSVP - Space is Limited

Let's Read and Grow Together!

Vision Board - This workshop helps you to realize your best life

We all have hopes and dreams; this class helps you to turn those hopes and dreams into goals and intentions. You will come to understand the importance of targeting and focusing your attention on your goals.

During this two hour workshop you will make your personal vision board. Pictures, words and phrases that are meaningful to you will go onto your personal board. This board can focus on one aspect of your life, for example: fitness, the home, finances or it can encompass all aspects. It's completely up to you and your vision of what you would like your future to look like.

This workshop is offered privately in your home or office. Invite your friends, family and colleagues and make it a fun learning experience for everyone.

This workshop can uncover some real surprises for participants! A family participating in this workshop may learn more about one another than they ever expected. Likewise friends and colleagues will have the opportunity to share and grow together.

Get Clients Now! - Workshop

This powerful workshop meets for four (4) weeks. You will learn how to take your business to the 'next level'. Members encourage, support and hold one another accountable.

If you are serious about growing you business, register now!

Tuesdays, November 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th
Time: 8 - 10 am
Location: 13825 W National Ave, Suite 100
Fee: $100.00
*Please bring your Get Clients Now! book to each and every meeting. This book can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Make That Connection - Workshop

Holiday parties and events are right around the corner. Do you ever feel uncomfortable in group situations or meeting new people? Do you worry about who you will talk to or wonder what to say?

This two (2) hour interactive workshop teaches you to easily and effortlessly make a connection with others. You'll learn simple skills to begin a conversation and learn to truly enjoy the process. Not only will you learn these skills, you'll understand why they work in all situations.

Holidays are coming, get ready to enjoy the party season. Register now! Space is very limited.

Workshop Dates: Thursday, November 5th
Time: 6 - 8 pm
Location: 13825 W National Ave, Suite 100
Fee: $25.

Meditation Time - Beginning this Week

The time spent meditating is a time to connect to your heart. This weekly meditation is open to all who would like to participate. We will begin each session with a brief reading, then meditation time approximately 30-45 minutes long, followed by another 20 minutes or so to journal or to share if participants choose to share. Sometimes the meditation will be to a CD, other times it will be guided by a participant or even a silent meditation to quiet music. Please know I am open to thoughts, comments or ideas from one and all.

Weekly Meditation: Wednesdays beginning this week October 28th
Time: 9:30-11 am this week, alternating weeks the time will be 6 - 8pm Watch for reminders in weekly newsletter
Location: 13825 W National Ave, Suite 100
Fee: $5.

Spotlight a Great Business

Kathy Engel - Mary Kay Cosmetics

Life happens! Let Kathy take you to your pretty place. She can help you solve your skin and makeup dilemmas and offer products that will give you glowing, healthy, beautiful skin from head to toe. And for men, she has all you need in age fighting skin care and fragrance options in masculine scnets. Be sure to check out her interactive website.

By the way, I had the opportunity to sniff a wonderful fragrance the other day, called 'High Intensity' I really liked the sexy, mellow fragrance and just in time for our anniversary. Shopping for hubby is done, thanks Kathy!

Kathy Engel
Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Local Happenings

Come visit me at the Krsko Chiropractic Health Fair at the Polish Center of Wisconsin

Tuesday, November 3rd
Time: 3-7 pm
Polish Center of Wisconsin
6914 S. 68th Street
Free to the public - We are honored to be collecting books, Cd's and DVDs at the door to be donated to the Franklin Public Library.

Open House

I am very excited to announce an Open House to welcome you all to my new space, and learn more about some other wonderful businesses at the same time.

Wednesday, November 11th
Time: 3-7pm
Free - all are welcome!

Referral Program

If you are a client of mine and you refer another to me, for either a Reiki session or a coaching session, you receive a free session after the referral has had their session.

For more information on any of the happenings listed above, please see my website, www.SandyWalden.com, send me an email at Serenity@SandyWalden.com or give me a ring at 414.378.8764.

Wishing you a week with just a little mystery.


'For Focus and Balance, Seek Serenity'

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