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Please be sure check the individual pages for additional rates/options and payment options.

Private Coaching Sessions

Sessions are accomplished either by telephone or in person.

60 Minute SessionRate
Two (2)$150.00

Group Coaching

Typically 3-10 people who share a common interest in learning more about themselves while receiving the benefits, insights and ideas of others. These sessions can be created around shared goals or with the intention to address a specific topic.

Sessions Per MonthRate
First Session$50.00 per person
Second Session$45.00 per person
Third Session$40.00 per person

Hypnosis Sessions

Number of SessionsRate
3 Sessions$195.00


Number of SessionsRate
One Session$60.00

Reiki Sessions

Additional Fee to come to your location.

30 Minutes$40.00
60 Minutes$60.00
90 Minutes$80.00

Animal Reiki

Animals intuitively know how Reiki helps them. I am happy to offer Reiki to your beloved companion.

Additional Fee to come to your location.

Number of SessionsRate
One (1)$55.00
Three (3)$148.50
Six (6)$330.00

Distant Reiki

30 Minute Sessions

Number of SessionsRate
One (1)$35.00
Three (3) in one week$94.50
Six in one week(6)$178.50


Please see individual workshops for pricing.

Complimentary Coaching Consultation!

Call or email for your complimentary holistic life coaching consultation.

Call or email Sandy at (608) 584-5318, Skype: Sandy.K.Walden or

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