Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I     Reiki Level II     Reiki Master

Reiki Level I:

This class provides:

  • History and Philosophy of Usui Reiki
  • Overview of the Chakra system
  • Attunement to Reiki
  • Basic hand positions for Reiki treatment
  • Practice self-healing as well offering Reiki to another

This class provides the attunement to begin the flow of Reiki energy. Training manual and certification of completion will be provided.

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Reiki Level II:

This class provides:

  • Attunement to Reiki Level II
  • Discussion of Reiki experiences
  • Symbols for Level II as well as practice drawing and using symbols
  • Practice sending distant healing

This class provides attunement to level 2 of Reiki energy, which increases the flow of energy for the practitioner. Training manual and certification will be provided.

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Reiki Master

The Reiki Master class provides access to the full energy of Reiki, allowing a more powerful flow of energy during sessions. This class is a prerequisite for those who wish to go further in their training to become teachers. It is also for those who simply wish to have greater access to the energy as they continue along their own spiritual path.

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