All too often we feel lonely, alone in our grief.

Even surrounded by those who care for us, it can be hard to express what is in our hearts, to tell our stories, to explore what we feel, and to be heard.

For me, the answer is Community. And that’s why I have developed the 12-Week Grief Healing Groups.

These groups are small, and that is very intentional. It allows for each member to come to know the others as well as to be truly known.

There is something that feels almost sacred about the vulnerability that welcomes true honesty, sharing of the heart.

And that’s where the healing happens.

 12-Week Grief Healing Groups

– 12 weeks of group coaching, 2 hours a week via Zoom
Because it’s powerful to be able to see and hear one another when we meet. We get to know one another, to trust one another in deep and profound ways.

– A specific topic each week
 We will discuss the topic at hand each week. Be assured you are always welcome to discuss other issues as well.

We dive deep, and I DO mean deep. We absolutely talk about the hard stuff, because that’s so often what is missing from our everyday interactions.

– Weekly meditation
  Prior to our group coaching session, you will receive a guided meditation for your reflection. You are encouraged to listen to this meditation frequently. I do ask you to commit to listening at least once. Each meditation is created quite deliberately to help you to become clear about where you are, how you are feeling, and where you are ready to shift.

– Journal prompts
 Along with the weekly meditation, you will receive journal prompts. I encourage you to sit with a pen and paper and simply allow words to flow after you have listened to the meditation. No judgment, simply allowing. This may sound like a simple process, and it is. At the same time, it is very powerful.

– A private Facebook Group
This group will be absolutely private, only those participating in the program have access. This makes it confidential and completely safe to share.

You are strongly encouraged to post at least twice a week here. To read what others have posted and when you feel called to do so, respond. Because this is a community, your community your participation matters. You will absolutely get out of this experience what you put in. Healing happens in community.

– Low investment
Investment is $189 per month
Pay only $510 when paying in full to SAVE 

– Beginning Wednesday, September 8
What time slot do you prefer?
12 noon Central time
6 pm Central time

Contact Sandy to save your space in this small group.

Sandy Walden
Master Grief Coach
Master Grief Coach Trainer
Grief Recovery Method Specialist
Reiki Master/Teacher