Reiki – What to Expect

Reiki, What to Expect?

First and foremost I ask you to be comfortable. Wear loose, comfortable clothing as you will be lying on a massage table and in order for you to get the most benefit from this experience, it is important for you to be as comfortable as possible.

Reiki Session Sandy WaldenBefore the treatment begins, we will spend a short time together. I’m happy to tell you a bit more about Reiki if you have questions. I will then ask you what you are hoping to receive from the experience. You are free to answer or not if you prefer.  Remember, this is for you and about you. Always.

You will then lay down fully clothed on a massage table and the treatment will begin. You may feel vibrations from my hands; or not. Some people feel heat or cold, then again you may simply feel relaxed. Every treatment is different, but you are always receiving the benefits of healing, balancing energy. Be assured, Reiki will go where you need it regardless of where my hands may be positioned. Expect this treatment to last approximately one hour. After the treatment we will take time to discuss your experience if that is your desire. Again, this is all about your healing. You are the one who decides to share or not based on your preferences.

The benefits of Reiki can be profound. Release of stress, pain, worry, the release of pain. Can I tell you precisely what you will experience? No, let me be completely clear about this. The healing energy of Reiki flows through me, not from me. I often tell my Reiki students and clients that I’m a bit like a faucet.  When we turn on our kitchen faucets, we enjoy the flow of clear, clean water. We know that the water does not originate with the faucet. The faucet does not create the water. It does, however, allow it to flow.

In the same way, when you lay down on that massage table, close your eyes and simply breathe, the energy of Reiki does the rest. I ask the energy to flow. My job is to basically keep the faucet open for the hour that we are working together. The healing energy of Reiki will go wherever it is needed. Not necessarily when I believe it will be most beneficial and frankly, sometimes not where you expect it to do its work. That’s why I cannot tell you precisely how you will feel after our session. Because I have no way of knowing just how the Reiki energy is healing you and to what extent your body, mind, and spirit are ready for healing.

It’s been my experience that most people are deeply relaxed after a Reiki session. Some are energized and ready to charge out to take on the world. Often there is a great deal of relief that is recognized immediately. Sometimes the effects are noticed a bit more gradually.

I will ask you to practice good self-care following your treatment. I encourage you to drink plenty of water, get as much rest as you feel that you need and simply be kind to yourself for the remainder of the day.

When Reiki practitioners become Reiki, they learn about the principles of Reiki. I want to share them with you.

The Precepts of Reiki

Just for today,
I will not worry

Just for today,
I will not be angry.

Just for today,
I will be grateful.

Just for today,
I will do my work honestly.

Just for today,
I will be kind to every living thing.
~ Dr. Mikao Usui