Oh, the days of deepest grief! Whether it is early grief when the fog is heavy and the way forward is often hidden… or further down the path where you are finding a ‘new normal’. There are times, moments, days or sometimes longer when overwhelm visits.

I have a few thoughts to share that I hope you will find helpful.

– Take a few deep… slow… calming… breaths
You see when we take those deep breaths, it slows down our heart and our mind follows. Even if it’s for a short time, we get that respite. The more we practice, the more natural and easy it comes to us. And the longer the respite lasts.

– Have a plan
Having that plan reminds me that I have a measure of control. It may be small, but it’s something and when we are grieving a loss it often feels that there is much out of our control.

That plan might be to ask a friend or companion to be beside us during a difficult time.

It could be rehearsing saying the name of the one we love, out loud.

The plan might be a phone call to someone who can listen with support and compassion

– Know that however you feel is alright.

There is no need to judge your feelings. They are not wrong, regardless of how painful they may be. Feelings/emotions are simply gauges that indicate to us that an area needs our attention.

– Take a bit of exercise.
It may be a walk or run outside.  Yoga or something similar which is healthy for your body, mind, and soul.

These are simply a few tools that I suggest to clients and continue to use myself.

These tips are just an offering of love.  Please take them or leave them alone, whatever resonates with you. <3


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