She needed to do a business plan for her new business. It was required for her to move forward and she was only too well aware of that detail. She had never done a business plan; always felt they were far too restrictive, indeed she feared that it would box her in more than offer her a roadmap to the future.

She decided that if she had to get this done, she would do it correctly. So she searched the library for books on business plan. They were strewn all over her kitchen table, opened to various pages. She also searched the internet, bookmarking site after site for reference. Still, when she sat down to work on this plan she felt frustrated and made little progress.

Finally one day she was lamenting her lack of progress to someone who knew her very well. He told her not to worry about it. Instead of writing this plan according to someone else’s rules, simply write it according to her own rules and to suit her personality and business.

That was truly an ah-ha moment for her. That simple suggestion which seems so obvious in hindsight was all that she needed. She collected all of the books from her table and set them aside. Closed up all of the internet sites and got to work. In no time she had her outline and from there it was easy. Several hours of steady work later she realized that she had indeed written the business plan that was ideal for her and her business.

The point of this little story is simple really, and I have no doubt that you already know just what that point is. Hopefully, the life coach inside of your head will nudge you to try to look at any situation or problem from more than one vantage point. The business plan felt insurmountable to her when she looked at it from a traditional point of view, but as soon as she shifted, she felt optimistic and enthusiastic. From there she was able to soar.

When she shared her frustration with someone who knew her and her business it was quite a release for her. The solution was very clear to her friend and when he shared his suggestion with her she was finally able to see everything in a whole new light. Perhaps next time she is frustrated and becoming stressed she will seek out this friend and have a simple chat with him. Lesson learned from her own personal life coach. What a great friend to have!

I hope that you have someone to share frustrations with and that they are able to help you to shift your point of view from frustration to fabulous enthusiasm.