We can feel so alone in our grief. Frequently, I hear from grievers that they feel lonely, isolated, and all alone, even when they are in a group of people that love them.

The loneliness is profound for many. And it’s not because we don’t care about or appreciate those who are with us, it’s because we are longing for the one who can never be with us physically again.

Those who are doing their level best to offer support search for the right words or gestures to offer comfort. Please know, how much your efforts are appreciated. And I mean this sincerely.

For most grievers, what is appreciated beyond any words is simply knowing that it’s okay to feel this way.

Supporters, please continue to reach out, call, text, drop a note in the mail – sit with them.

It can take more time than we imagine permeating that wall of loneliness, to feeeeeeeel the presence and compassion of others.

That wall can be burst through… or perhaps there is a tiny hole that is created and the love can be felt, a little at a time.

Keep trying. It matters so very much.

Know that you are NOT alone.

Know that you matter, more than you can imagine right now.

It’s okay to feel what you do and to find safe, healthy ways to express those feelings.

This journey is one that we take together, through grief, and into healing.


Master Grief Coach
Master Grief Coach Trainer
Grief Recovery Method Specialist

We walk this path, through grief and into healing one step at a time. It’s easier when we are accompanied by those with caring hearts.

Your journey through grief and into healing is just that – YOUR journey.

When you are ready to begin your healing journey, reach out to Sandy for your complimentary consultation. Together, we walk through grief, into healing.