I was pleased to run into a woman I know recently. She was so excited and looked so happy I had to ask her what was going on in her life. The life coach in me was excited to see her enthusiasm and excitement, I had to know more.

It turns out that this woman feels very strongly about which candidate she thinks should be elected president in the upcoming election. This year she decided that instead of simply going out to vote, she would do all that she could to see that her candidate would become the next president. She has volunteered to work the phone banks, is going door to door and talking to people and handing out literature. She is attending speeches and rallies. She is even opening up her home to fellow campaign workers and voters.

Wow!!! I was amazed, especially when she told me that as recently as a year ago, she would never have been able to do any of these things, and she would have felt overwhelmed and far too shy. What happened? She found something that she feels passionately about and discovered that baby steps could soon lead her down a wonderful path.

Talking to this woman was incredible. We have completely opposite views about whom would make a better president, but that was okay. She never once criticized my candidate; instead she focused on the positive attributes of hers. Although I am firm in my beliefs and know who I will vote for, I found myself eagerly listening to what she had to say. Her enthusiasm was contagious and her positive attitude made me see her candidate in a far more positive light.

I would like to congratulate this amazing woman on taking action. One of the things coaching clients always need to understand is that it doesn’t matter how eager you are to reach your goal, if you do not take some type of action, big or small, you will not reach that goal. However, when you go to bed tonight, as you think about the day and what has happened, you will no doubt feel wonderful when you realize that you have taken steps towards achieving your goal. And when you have spread positive energy to others with your smile and enthusiasm, you will help others to feel wonderful as well.

I wish you a day filled with actions that will lead closer to your goal, no matter what that goal may be. Doesn’t it feel fabulous to be on the road to success?