A guest post by Ari

Finding serenity…

I walk every day, rain or shine, snowy days and bright warm days. It feels good to breathe, to look up at the sky, down at the grass, to feel mother nature. During these “stay at home” days we cannot interact with other people, we must isolate as much as possible. But nature is still here, ready to provide healing, some distraction, even joy. This morning’s walk brought many different kinds of birds. Two robins were fighting, maybe mating, right in front of me! I stopped to watch as they moved into a bush
and continued their own interactions. As I continued on I heard that beloved call of a seagull- my boy’s spirit animal. I looked up as it flew right over my head, saying hello, and watched it fly away, its lovely white wings dipping a goodbye. He is always with me! Next, I saw some beautiful yellow flowers peeking through the ground in someone’s front yard. Some sort of tulip maybe, they made me smile another reminder of my boy as yellow was his favorite color. A squirrel chitted at me from high up on a tree branch, a red cardinal sang his lovely song.

When we are in the midst of our grief it is hard to see anything but our own sadness. Everything pales
in comparison, nothing much matters. But as we start to look for ways out of the blackness we can start
to see the beauty that is still a part of this world, however much it has changed. Even without the grief
of losing someone beloved sometimes, we can forget to “smell the roses”, and now specially it is
important that we are reminded to do so. Go outside and see the beauty, not only with your eyes, but
also with your heart. It is there… if only we take a moment to BREATHE and HEAL and GROW!
Find some peace today.