pig roast 047One of the most fulfilling experiences of my life is when I have the opportunity to give back in some fashion. I’m not alone in this feeling.

I’ve noticed lately that more and more my family, friends, clients and fellow entrepreneurs have been talking about giving back and the creative ways they are finding to support causes or charities that they feel strongly about.

I’ve heard on the news again and again that charitable contributions are way down due to economic circumstances. What I’m seeing and experiencing is actually very different. These are some of the things I’ve seen lately.

My brother and sister-in-law make several meatloaves once a month to feed the hungry in their church parish. Steve & Marge, you continue to inspire me.

Kathy Engel of Mary Kay, https://bit.ly/14H2gV is offering 10% of her proceeds to be donated to the charity of the clients choosing. Love that Kathy.

Baker’s Square, https://bit.ly/tLbEx is generously giving 10% of sales between 5-8pm for 4 days in September to WOCA, Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Jeanette organized and ran with the entire project. You rock Jeanette.

My mom continues to babysit for the great-grandchildren now that the grandchildren have grown. She insists that there’s nothing she would prefer to do, I know my niece appreciates it tremendously.

Friend Nancy volunteers once a week at the Willow Creek Ranch in Waterford, WI. Nancy assures me that she gets much more out of this time than she gives. Nancy, you always lead by generous example.

For my part, I am so excited about the opportunity to offer free Reiki today at the WOCA fundraiser, Nancy’s Run, Walk, and Stroll. www.WisconsinOvarianCancer.com. I’m also really pleased to be able to contribute $10. of each Reiki session scheduled in September to this amazing organization. I’m blessed.

My point here is that we all contribute in a way that feels right for us. I’m hearing more and more from friends, family, and clients about the pleasure they get sharing their time and talents with others. Not one of these people feels that it’s an obligation. Each of them feels that it’s a privilege to share.

I believe when we give back we get so much more than we give. It’s that simple and yet that wonderfully profound at the same time. Such a good feeling.

For this week, I hope that you find an opportunity to share a bit of yourself with another. You’ll both benefit and the good that’s generated will continue to be passed along.