This little table has been in my house for many years and it’s been refinished, painted, etc a few times.

Several years ago I ‘marbled’ the top with paint and it was perfect in our foyer at the lake. Love it!

But now, we are in a new home and the table is the perfect size and shape next to my rust-colored couch, but the color was too much. It needed to be transformed.

Okay, for me that meant it was time to learn to decoupage. haha, transformation doesn’t need to be hard!

Transformation. It happens to all of us throughout our lives. Sometimes it is our choice, other times we transform as we learn to step into a situation or to heal.

You are a beautiful soul and perfect in your humanity right now. I hope that as you are evolving, and transforming you are aware of your magnificence.

Perfect in your imperfection, human and so very loved.

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