Gwen explains a bit about her grief journey.

‘In 2019 my son took his own life which brought me to my knees.
How could my youngest child be gone? How could I bury him 4 days before Christmas?
I had to find ways to live again!

Suicide is a completely devastating shock. The pain of child loss is something I don’t wish upon my greatest enemy; it takes multiple attempts to catch your breath and find ways to live with that unbearable grief.

I took a Master Grief Coach class to try to figure stuff out for me. I completed it and now I’m able to help myself and others to heal on the journey of life and grief.

It’s not easy but it’s also not impossible!

I work hard, I listen completely in tune. I know that with child loss comes a huge struggle to feel any kind of normal life again.

Since becoming a Master Grief Coach, I work hard and well in helping others with various grief experiences. Child loss, suicide, addiction, and spouse loss.

Grieving is tiring and lots of work. I’m here to help anybody grieving find their way through that unbearable pain and to find life again.

Gwen Sinclair
Master Grief Coach

Sandy Walden
Master Grief Coach
Master Grief Coach Trainer
Greif Healing Course

Together, we walk through GRIEF, into healing.
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