Do you have great ideas, programs, and courses but are unsure of how to properly structure

Let’s work together to bring your ideas and teachings into a format that best showcases your
talents. E-books, courses, workshops, books, blogs, and newsletters are all ways to boost your

I’m efficient and will work to let your writing voice and teaching express your clearest and most
effective message. I specialize in working with coaches, spiritual teachers, yoga instructors, and
alternative healing modalities. I have had three published books (not self-published) and have
written for various newspapers including the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, Library Sparks
magazine, The Thrifty Naturalist blog, and many other magazine and newspaper publications as
well as for personal clients in the pet, coaching, literacy, and health fields. References available
upon request.

Contact me today to discuss how we can build your business, increase your sales, and make you
the expert in your field. I work with anyone from anywhere in the U.S.

E-book The Multifaceted Art of Journaling:
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Master Grief Coach
Master Grief Coach Trainer
Greif Healing Course

Together, we walk through GRIEF, into healing.
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