misc 002Did you know that some life coaches have four furry feet?

Some of the most amazing life coaches I have ever known have been the boxers who have come to live with us. As I watch Indy, it occurs to me that dogs know how to live a positive, stress free life and inspire others to do the same.

Indy is the third boxer that has been a part of our lives. These amazing dogs have taught me so much. I watched Rocky put up with unbelievable silliness of three very little boys. While he romped and played with them, he also watched over them with love and devotion. He was an unbelievably friendly dog, but he always stood between any of my little boys and someone they might not know. One of my favorite memories was of Rocky sharing an ice cream with my eldest son. Not terribly hygienic I know, but it’s amazing to remember my son taking a lick from the cone and then Rock would lick. They shared an entire cone in this manner. Now that’s love and patience.

Rascal was the next boxer to become part of our lives. He taught our boys and their friends that it was okay to be a bit goofy even when they were growing into teenagers. He would romp and play and follow them around just waiting for a game to start or someone to stop and rub his ears. The boys would forget they were supposed to be ‘big, tough boys’ and would talk in sweet sing-song voice to Rascal, enticing him to play. When they would ‘camp out’ on the family room floor, he taught them the value of sharing as he would curl up on someones blanket. None of those boys, my own sons or any of their friends, ever asked Rascal to move. They simply shared. And they were rewarded for their kindness with boxer slobber and snorts. High praise indeed!

Rocky and Rascal have passed and now Indy lives with us. My sweet boy is always eager for a game of tug or a walk and each time I walk in the door he’s as excited to see me as if I had been gone for weeks.

Each of these dogs has reminded me of the most simple yet profound lessons. Expect wonderful things from the day, and you’ll always find something that makes you happy. Greet everyone as though they are loved and you will be treated with love in return. Share your most precious gifts (slimy toys in their case) and others will share with you.

I could go on and on, but anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to know and love a dog, knows just what I’m talking about. So for today, I’d like to thank my wonderful dogs for the lessons they have shared and that Indy continues to teach and share. They are indeed wonderful life coaches.

For today, look around and find an unexpected life coach. Someone or something that is teaching you perseverance, love, patience. I bet you’ll find something or someone who is teaching you how to live your best life, right at this very moment.

Wishing you a fabulous day,

With warmth,