Master Grief Coach Certification (old)

Master Grief Coach Certification Program

Personal – Enhance your personal tool-kit with the understanding and skills to effectively work through your own personal pain. This will also serve you well with family, friends, or anyone with whom you interact that is dealing with grief. Know that you are never alone.

Professionals – This certification is a powerful addition to your skill set and resume. If you work with clients, you will be seeing those who are grieving. This would certainly include but not be limited to the following:

Financial advisers
Medical practitioners
Law enforcement
Human resources personnel
Attorneys, etc.

Employers – If you have a staff, you will at some point have a team-member who is grieving. This program will give you the tools to effectively support your staff.

Coaches, Future Master Grief Coaches – Whether you intend to focus primarily on those who are experiencing grief or you would like to enhance your skills, this program will be an asset for you.

How does this program work?

This is a self-study program designed to give you the skills you need to understand and effectively manage grief. This program includes an online test which confirms your comprehension of the ‘Understanding Grief and Healing’ as well as ‘Grief Coaching’ modules. Your thorough understanding of these modules is required for certification.

After you have read the materials and completed the test (required), we meet one on one for 7, 1-hour sessions.

Sessions are scheduled at times convenient for you. They can be by telephone, Skype or Zoom. Really, it’s a matter of what works best for you. Each session will cover very specific material from the Training Modules as well as time for questions and thorough discussion. A thorough understanding of all materials is required for final certification.

What is included in this program?

You will receive online:

7, 1-Hour, One-on-one sessions
Understanding Grief and Healing Module
Grief Coaching Module
Master Grief Coach Certification (A printed certificate will be mailed to you after successful completion of the program)

Why work with Sandy?

Sandy has been a certified coach since 2008. With many years of life coaching experience as well as her own personal experience with devastating grief due to the loss of her youngest son to suicide in 2010, Sandy has truly ‘been there, done that’. She knows that grief does not need to be a life sentence.

Instead, she sees Grief as the place that we are dropped into when we experience the pain of great loss. Having the tools to effectively process the thoughts and feelings allows one to begin walking that path, ‘Through grief, into healing’.


Contact Sandy to schedule your Master Grief Coach Certification.