MasterMind Group – General

Ahhhh, you didn’t think I forgot about you I hope!

This group is not focused on grieving, though that can certainly be one of the experiences that you bring.

Very similar to our MasterMind Healing Group, we begin by each person taking a bit of time – tellin’ it like it is. Plain and simple or dripping with emotion. We then trust one another to offer suggestions as to how we can begin to shift those thoughts and beliefs as we explore what we really want, what we prefer.

Finally, we agree to hold intentions for one another. Not based on what we feel should or could happen – but based on the desires of the person speaking, on their intentions. Seeing, feeling, knowing that they are real and being delivered right on schedule.

For this group, you bring anything to the group that is on your mind and heart. Anything at all. Remember, this is your journey and it’s all about you.  What’s happening in your world, what would you prefer? In fact, what would make you silly happy? Let’s make that our goal, our intention. Your happiness, just the way you prefer.

I have seen some truly astounding shifts as I’ve worked with MasterMind groups over the years. Shifts that have been life-changing. That’s because we are truly powerful beings and together, we are more so.

Are you ready to welcome your best life? Let’s get going!

Participation in MasterMind Group requires a three (3) month commitment as bonds form and support deepens as we continue to meet.

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To register for a Mastermind group, contact Sandy and take your next step into healing.