I want to take this opportunity to offer my deep and most sincere thanks to all of the Veteran’s who have served our country.

Too often we see this long weekend as simply an opportunity to gather with family and friends and throw a few burgers on the grill. I’m all for the gathering but would like to remember but I hope that we take a few moments out during these gatherings to remember those who put themselves on the line to ensure our freedom.

Thank you for all that you have given up for us. At the very least, you have given your time. You have left your family and friends behind, often you have left your job or education behind. Whether serving in peacetime or war, here at home or behind enemy lines, you have offered to give your all for your country. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice and will never see their loved ones again. A Veteran is a man or woman of honor, each and every one of you is my hero.

Mere words can never express how deep my gratitude goes. So, once again, let me simply say thank you.

With love and sincere gratitude,