Guest post by Ari.

A patch of … Love!

After my boy died we had a tree planted at our local little league baseball field. He spent many summer days there playing baseball or just watching, and later, when he got older, many evenings playing in a softball league. The perfect place- he loved that park! When I visit his tree I try to go early mornings,  it’s always so very peaceful, and I look around and remember him running around the bases, laughing with his buddies, stealing home sometimes because he was fearless! My boy living and loving life. Those are the moments I try to hold on to, when his smile lit up the world.

The other day as I neared his tree I saw yellow from aways off. It was his favorite color and everything yellow makes me think of him now. As I got close I smiled- of course, there would be hundreds of little yellow flowers (weeds lol!) growing all around his

tree! The plaque with his name on it shone, reflecting the sun, and everything seemed so much brighter, so much yellow-er! My boy’s spirit was close that day and I took a moment to acknowledge him, I told him I loved him, I thanked him for the yellow that made me smile. I walked back home with a lighter heart. Such is our relationship now, and I am so glad I can “see” him still. I hope he smiles when he sees his mama’s smile.

Take a moment today to remember them. See and feel them, for they continue, just in a different form. Not what we want, never that, but still there for us to love.

(My apologies if you don’t believe- it is my intention only to provide a little comfort with my own experiences.) Hugs.