Guest post by Ari

Finding peace during difficult days…

By Ari

My boy will be gone from me seven years soon. Seven years without his laughter,
his beautiful hazel eyes, his amazing hugs, his voice calling “mom!” Doesn’t seem
possible that I have continued in this world without him, yet I have, I am. Not
gonna lie (one of his favorite sayings) it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done… to
live in a world devoid of his beautiful self, but each day that I wake up I can
honestly say, now, that I am thankful to be alive.

At the end of this month I will take the day off from work, stay in bed and have a
coffee with my hubby, then he will go watch tv while I journal for a couple of
hours. I will write about my boy, remembering him in detail, the good and the bad.
I might cry, although tears are scarcer nowadays. After I will go and light a candle
which we keep burning all day, and I will take my daily walk. I will hope to see his
spirit animal, a seagull, flying slowly over me, sometimes they call out their seagull
calls, and I swear to me it sounds like “mom, mom!” each time! During these walks,
when I see them, I feel peace, and I hope that that means he too is at peace. It’s so
important for me to hope that he has found it, as I am.

The difficult days… birthdays, day of passing, holidays, the last time you saw/ spoke
to them, etc, etc, can be made a bit easier by actively looking for, and hopefully
finding, that moment of peace. It may carry you forward into the next day, and
that’s all we need to do – get through each day as best as we can.

Today find your own peace!
Hugs everyone