Well, we have jumped off of the deep end here in the United States. The election for our next president is in two (2) months. How exciting! I love politics and this year is historic on so many levels.

For the very first time, we have an African-American man running for the office of president. We also have a woman running for the office of vice-president.

Now I know that there are many people who dislike this season for many reasons. The advertisements sometimes become incredibly negative, hinting at truths but not sharing all pertinent facts. But here is the exciting part. We have the opportunity to vote for and elect the pair that we feel will best lead our country for the next four (4) years. The speeches and debates are often televised and we have the opportunity to get to know our future leaders much more than was possible just a generation ago. I really like that!

This is our opportunity to coach ourselves. We can empower ourselves in so many ways. ourselves. Learn about the people running for office. Listen to speeches of both parties whenever possible, watch the debates and pay attention to not just the answers but also the body language of the participants. Many of us have already selected the pair we hope will win the election, but many others still have not made up their mind. I encourage you to discuss the issues with friends, especially those who have viewpoints that are generally different from yours. Keep an open mind and a fair and civil tongue; there will be many opportunities to share and learn from each other.

Election time is the perfect time to practice some of the skills you may have been learning. Empower yourself by educating yourself on the issues and where the candidates stand. Assert yourself by sharing and discussing your thoughts and opinions with others without being negative. Remember to listen carefully to what others are saying to you about their feelings and thoughts. You have the ability to keep these discussions positive. This is a time that is filled with important life lessons, we just have to pay attention and participate.

Enjoy this historic event, remember that you have the fabulous opportunity to voice your opinion this November, and it does matter.