Beverly McCumber – Master Grief Coach

As a Certified Master Grief Coach, Bev McCumber would like to let those who are grieving know that we are not meant to go through this time alone. We are meant to support one another on this journey of growth and healing.

One-on-one grief coaching is intended to honor your needs. Often, a session revolves around a conversation in which you are encouraged to talk through any painful, confusing, and overwhelming emotions you may have. Coaching sessions may be done over the phone, by Zoom, a park setting, or an office. Through conversation, gratitude practices, journaling exercises, and guided meditation, Bev will strive to bring you to a place of healing so you may walk through the darkest days with joy in your heart.

With a passion for creating a safe space, free of judgment, Bev is a Certified Master Grief Coach who is here to help you discover meaning after the death of a loved one.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, Bev will offer several workshops including Self Care for Growth and Healing as well as Gratitude for Beginners. In the future, group coaching sessions will be available for those who benefit from sharing and community.

Bev McCumber is retired and enjoys country life with her husband and dogs. Bev loves to hike, cook, read, write poetry, and spend time with her grandchildren.

Beverly McCumber - Master Grief Coach