Robin Stegall, Master Grief Coach

Robin Stegall, Master Grief Coach, is located in the Houston Texas area. Her niche is working with parents who have lost a child and with siblings who have lost a brother or sister. However, she welcomes anyone who is experiencing loss, grief, or discouragement.

Two and a half years ago, Robin lost her 21-year-old son in a tragic motorcycle accident. Afterward, she found an inner strength that was yearning to help others, to help other parents who lost a child, to help her children along with their friends, and to help the young men and women who lost a fellow rider. This became a new passion for her.

In 2019, she started a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization to push motorcycle awareness. Protecting her son’s friends and other riders, was her new mission. The organization is called, Riding 4 Ryan Motorcycle Organization.

During this time, Robin also decided to follow her heart and pursue a career in helping others. She started courses and trained with, Sandy Walden. Early in 2021, Robin became a certified Master Grief Coach.

Coaching feels very natural to Robin. She is a great listener who listens with her heart and with an open mind. No matter what you are going through or experiencing, she will stand by you and help you walk that path headed towards healing. Even years later, having a difficult day, week, or even longer is normal.

She will join you and help you navigate back to that healing path. Robin understands that need to find someone who can relate to your situation. During her lifetime, she has experienced many life-altering events such as losing her son, losing her parents, a parent with dementia, miscarriage, and other difficulties as well.

Reach out to her today and she will walk with you, helping you find the path on your journey towards healing.

Robin Stegall – Master Grief Coach
Introducing Robin Stegall, Master Coach
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More information regarding, Riding 4 Ryan Motorcycle Organization, can be found on Facebook :

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