Shame? Stigma? Taboo? Blame?

They are NOT yours – let them go!

Your precious child left this planet for reasons that you may or may not know. Even all of these years after my son died, I still don’t know and have accepted that I never will during this lifetime.

What matters is that you love and miss them. You hold them safely in your heart and you do so with profound love.

Shame and stigma only serve to pile on the pain. There is no benefit to either.

How your child died is just that, how they died.

As a parent who has lost a child to suicide, I absolutely get that it is excruciating.

I also know that I am now and always will be as proud of my Mike as I am of my surviving sons.

How he died is simply how he transitioned, how he moved to The Other Side.

Who he was, how I feel about him, now that’s where my focus is.

Far too often we feel as though we need to be ashamed of how our children died, and that’s simply cruel.

We may have picked up those feelings from a lifetime of conditioning, but what we have picked up, we can also put down.

Shame and stigma may come from others, delivered in harsh messages of all sorts.

Please know, and I mean really know, these messages belong to them – not you. Refuse delivery.

This stuff of grieving our child is filled with sadness because we miss them so much and would do anything to have them with us once again.

I encourage you to consider Shame and Stigma as though they are nasty bits of rock and mud that have gotten stuck in the tread of your shoe.

Just as we would not walk through our homes with that mud and those rocks, I encourage you to let them go.

No, it’s not always easy. And perhaps it doesn’t happen all at once. But it begins with the decision to get rid of them.

Your heart deserves to feel the love for your child. That is what matters. That love and connection are there, and always will be.

Sandy Walden
Master Grief Coach
Master Grief Coach Trainer
Grief Recovery Method Specialist

We walk this path, through grief and into healing one step at a time. It’s easier when we are accompanied by those with caring hearts.

Your journey through grief and into healing is just that – YOUR journey.

When you are ready to begin your healing journey, reach out to Sandy for your complimentary consultation. Together, we walk through grief, into healing.