From the time we are little, we are finding that we are really good at some things, and not so good at others. That’s normal and perfectly okay!

As we get a little older we start learning that the skills that come naturally and easily to us are usually the things that we are good at and they are called our strengths. We may struggle with other tasks or skills and these are generally called our weaknesses. It seems that from that time on we are told that we need to work on these weaknesses.

Fast forward to adulthood and the lives we lead. It seems that the emphasis is still on our weaknesses, seldom on our strengths. I would encourage you to not spend quite so much time working on the things that you struggle with unless of course, they are basic skills necessary for life.

Building on natural strengths, skills, and talents. That’s where I would suggest that the energy is spent. For instance, perhaps you love writing but hate working with numbers. Since you love to write a fascinating story it makes sense to build on this, research education and career options, from journalism to child book author, check it all out and see what appeals to you. Then run with it!

Now, I’m not saying that you should ignore all weaknesses. You may hate to work with numbers, but you still need to be proficient enough in basic math to double check your receipts, balance your checkbook, etc. The basics need to be in place to keep your life manageable. But after those basics are covered, I say work on your strengths.

When we embrace our natural talents, work becomes play. We come to love what we do and when we truly enjoy our work and are good at it, that’s when we are the most likely to make good money. Making good money gives us more options for the rest of our life. It goes on and on and on.

So, I suggest that we all work on our strengths, enjoy them, bask in the feeling of doing what we love and enjoy the sweet rewards that come along.

Wishing you a day spent discovering that your strengths and talents can also bring you great pleasure.