He’s a list maker. That’s a very good thing for him. His lists are his goals, what he expects to achieve for the day, week or even longer.

The problem? These lists were completely overwhelming him. As he would review these lists again and again, he would feel his stress mount and he became frustrated and almost paralyzed with indecision.

The solution? He started making shorter lists and immediately taking action. If his list today has to do with work duties, he will quickly jot down the most pressing matters. Then before he has time to become worried or stressed, he simply takes care of the first thing on his list. One goal accomplished! Crossing that off, he feels less pressure and is more energized to take on the next task. Each time he crosses off a task or goal, he realizes a success.

He still makes lists, but now he looks forward to writing down these goals. He knows that with each one he accomplishes he feels better about himself. He has come to realize that this makes him calmer at work, more productive and more assertive as well.

This may not work for everyone, but it’s been a wonderful step forward for him.

Do you make lists? How do those lists make you feel? Do they overwhelm you or are they simply a roadmap to accomplishing your goals successfully?

Wishing you a fabulous day as you realize that action leads to your success.