Mastermind Healing Group

These groups meet weekly and deliberately kept small at four (4) to 6 people. This is done intentionally so that we learn to know one another. As we learn about one another, bonds form, empathy, compassion, and support develops.

We begin by each person taking a bit of time – tellin’ it like it is. Plain and simple or dripping with emotion. We then trust one another to offer suggestions as to how we can begin to shift those thoughts and beliefs as we explore what we really want, what we prefer.

Finally, we agree to hold intentions for one another. Not based on what we feel should or could happen – but based on the desires of the person speaking, on their intentions. Seeing, feeling, knowing that they are real and being delivered right on schedule.

Over the years I have seen people transform their lives by working in these groups. They are truly powerful beyond measure. And that is because we have the power within us to heal, grow and evolve.

Participation in Mastermind Healing Group requires a three (3) month commitment as bonds form and support deepens as we continue to meet.

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To register for a Mastermind group, contact Sandy and take your next step into healing.

Testimonials for Mastermind groups.

When I first heard about the possibilities of the MasterMind group it just felt right so I had to check it out for myself. I was very intrigued to explore this concept of sharing combined energy among all the participants with Spirit as the main component working on our behalf. After only 2 weeks I started seeing dramatic results. I am certain this is the result of attending the weekly MasterMind group and being able to discuss, set and share our goals and intentions together.
~ L.W.

I’ve known Sandy for years, so when I found out she was a practicing Reiki teacher and Mastermind Coach I knew it would be a perfect fit. I participated in the Mastermind Group with no expectations and was blown away by how much it helped me. I was experiencing a very challenging time in my life and just didn’t know what direction to move in, basically, I was paralyzed by stress and fear. The group sessions were safe and without judgment, but mostly the other participants genuinely listened to my story and were able to give me great insight into what I knew I needed to do but was unable to see. It allowed me to hold a vision for myself that had me moving in a much more positive direction. Not only was I holding this vision but each of my “partners” in the group was holding it too. I appreciated the opportunity to be there for the other members as well. There is definitely strength in numbers!
~ N.R.

‘What happens when people open their hearts?”
“They get better.” 
~ Haruki Murakami