So often lately, I’ve been hearing people say that they were surprised when they realized that the emotions they are experiencing lately are all signs of grieving. They are experiencing grief.

Very simply put, grief is the feeling we experience when we have a loss. Sounds simple enough, but as many of us realize, grief can sort of sneak up on us when we are unprepared.

We understand that grief is something we can expect to feel when someone we love dies, that seems to make sense to us. But what about when plans fall through? If grief is the emotion we feel when we have a loss, isn’t it reasonable to imagine that those who are isolated now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, may well be experiencing profound loss in many ways?

– A loss of freedom
– Peace of mind
– Financial reversal
– Plans for gatherings, weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc
– A loss of companionship
– Jobs, shifting, changing, disappearing for many
– Security on many fronts is simply not there for many – truly a profound loss

So many other experiences of loss, all aspects of grief. And each deserves our attention.

Certainly, not everyone is grieving right now, but many are to some degree. Denial is not helpful and is often quite hurtful. So, what can we do to take good care of ourselves and to support others who are struggling?

Self-care matters.

– As much as possible, try to get enough rest. Many of these feelings can leave us feeling tired, even depleted.
– Exercise, whether it is a walk down the block, yoga, bike riding, whatever you enjoy. Moving your body elevates your mood. And it’s just plain good for you.
– Practice mindfulness, become aware of your thoughts, the words that you speak.
– Share your thoughts and feelings with others who care about you and are open to simply listening. To be a witness.

The list does not begin or end here, but it comes down to this, the way that you feel matters. Receiving true support and supporting others who are also grieving is powerful.

We are all moving through this experience in our own way. Some are enjoying many aspects of the isolation, many are suffering. Let’s be there for one another – it matters.


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