Master Grief Coach, Grief Coach Certification, Grief Healing Course


Through Grief, Into Healing

We each grieve and heal in our own time and in our own way. That is absolutely true. What is also true is that you can heal. The pain of grief does not need to last for the remainder of your life. Healing is possible and absolutely natural. Having said that, and having gone through it myself, Sandy assures you that it is much easier with the support of others.

That is why she uses the phrase, Through Grief, Into Healing. Working together, you will find safe, effective ways to process and heal your grief. Rest assured, as the pain ebbs you will find that what remains is the love. The love lasts forever.

Grief Coach Certification

  • Enhance your personal and professional tool-kit with the understanding and skills to effectively work through grief.


  • Hands on or long distance, this gentle energy work helps to release what no longer serves you so that you can relax, heal… in short, feel better…

“I don’t know anyone else who can light up a room like Sandy. Her ability to motivate people, get them talking and feeling better is amazing.”

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