1:1 Grief Coach Certification

Become a Certified Serenity Grief Coach

Interactive & Comprehensive

Seven 1:1 training sessions with Sandy. And unlimited support. 


You will receive indepth materials to support your learning process. 


Access to the private Serenity Coach Facebook group as well as check-in calls with other Serenity coaches.


Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will receive certification as a Serenity Grief Coach.

Grief Coach Certification

What is a Grief Coach?

A Grief Coach combines the abilities of a Grief Coach, Grief Specialist, Grief Consultant, and Spiritual Grief Coach; providing clients with a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to healing.

Grief coaching focuses on the support of the grieving party to reach a healthier, happier state of being. A Grief Specialist is one who understands the grief and recovery process. The Grief Consultant gives strategies, tools, and guidance to help those in grief move beyond to achieve more inner peace.

Spiritual Grief Coaching can also be incorporated and is part of this course. Spirituality is intensely personal because it involves working with various religious and spiritual types and belief systems. Adding Spiritual Grief Coaching requires that you can remain neutral and objective without imposing your beliefs while honoring the clients.

Go within and decide if incorporating this aspect is for you. You may want to discuss with potential clients the ways in which you feel best approaching this area of healing.

We will be covering all of the above aspects and more as you move through this course.

Who this course is meant for:


Enhance your personal toolkit with the understanding and skills to effectively work through your own pain. This will also serve you well with family, friends, or anyone with whom you interact that is dealing with grief. Know that you are never alone…


A powerful addition to your skillset and resume. This certification will help you serve others who are grieving. Great for: Clergy, Teachers, Financial Advisors, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Human Resource Personnel, Bankers, Attorneys, etc.


This certification will help you effectively support your staff and team members as they work through the grief process.


If your an experienced coach looking for additional education and inspiration, our certification can provide you with the additional skills you need to offer additional support your current and future clients. 


The best way for me to describe Sandy and her services is ‘authentic’. Everything that Sandy says and does comes from a place of love and authenticity. I have worked with Sandy in several different areas including Reiki, hypnosis and Mastermind group. I am in awe and bliss each time I leave her office. I look forward to every interaction with her because I know that when I leave I will be in a much better place mentally and spiritually. I can wholeheartedly say that my life has changed because of knowing Sandy. I consider her not only an extremely gifted holistic coach but also a mentor and friend.

– M.

About Sandy

Master Grief Coach, Certified Grief Coach Trainer, Certified in Grief Recovery Method, Certified PSYCH-K Practitioner

Like most people, Sandy has experienced grief in her life. She has lost those for whom she cared deeply. The grief was real because the connections were sincere. Healing happened in bits and pieces, not along any specific timeline or path. Rather it happened as she processed the pain from her grief and very deliberately acknowledged all of the light, goodness, and joy that was in her life.

Now it is several years later and Sandy has shifted in the work that she has been doing for so very long. She has brought all of her many years of training and skill to focus on working with others as they heal their own broken hearts.

Now, Sandy combines her experience in Grief Coaching, Reiki, Hypnosis, and Meditation to support others on their journey.

Grief Coach Certification with Sandy Walden

What’s Included

Seven Sessions

Seven training sessions,  1:1 with Sandy for truly comprehensive learning.

Educational Materials

Complete training materials to  support your learning process throughout the program.

Online Support

Access to the private Facebook group, only for Serenity coaches.

Coach Check-In Calls

Access to free  check-in calls with Sandy, both during and after you complete the program.


Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will receive certification as a Serenity Grief Coach.

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