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Sandy Walden at Bodhi Tree

Sandy Walden
Master Grief Coach
Master Grief Coach Trainer

Sandy’s youngest son Mike, died in 2010. His death was by his own hand, he had died of suicide. To say that this was traumatic and complicated grief, is something of an understatement.

Already a life coach, Sandy was quite aware that this death could have devastating consequences for herself and those for whom she cared. She turned her attention, all her focus to acknowledging that pain and healing that grief.

This grief work has been profound and deeply healing. For both Sandy and the clients that she serves as a Master Grief Coach as well as a Master Grief Coach Trainer.

Please meet some of the Serenity coaches…

Each coach has studied and trained to learn and fully understand excellent coaching skills.

This study and practice support deep personal healing and growth. Always a benefit for each individual as well as everyone in their personal circle.

Some use their skills to support others professionally as a coach. Some are using their coaching skills to support them in other professions. And of course, some have added their coaching tools into their personal tool kit for growth and healing.

Robin Stegall - Coach

Robin Stegall
Master Grief Coach

Robin Stegall, Master Grief Coach, is located in the Houston Texas area. Her niche is working with parents who have lost a child and with siblings who have lost a brother or sister. However, she welcomes anyone who is experiencing loss, grief, or discouragement.

Two and a half years ago, Robin lost her 21-year-old son in a tragic motorcycle accident. she found an inner strength that was yearning to help others, to help other parents who lost a child, to help her children along with their friends, and to help the young men and women who lost a fellow rider. This became a new passion…

Gwen Sinclair - Master Grief Coach

Gwen Sinclair
Master Grief Coach

In 2019 my son took his own life which brought me to my knees.

How could my youngest child be gone? How could I bury him 4 days before Christmas?

I had to find ways to live again!

Suicide is a completely devastating shock. The pain of child loss is something I don’t wish upon my greatest enemy; it takes multiple attempts to catch your breath and find ways to live with that unbearable grief.

I took a Master Grief Coach class to try to figure stuff out for me. I completed it and now I’m able to help…

Grace Redwood - Coach

Grace Redwood
Master Grief Coach
Intuitive Coach
Yoga/Meditation/Spiritual Teacher
Animal Communicator/Nature Medium
Organization Guru
Vegan & Gluten-free Mentor
Reiki Master/Teacher 


My mission is: To assist others to live with more joy and connectedness to their highest Self and nature. I have certifications in many types and styles of yoga and have taught young children through seniors for 20 years. In 2004, I was trained in animal communication from a student of Penelope Smith.

Additionally, I have received two coaching certificates, most recently from Serenity Master Grief Coaching. At age 11, I was formerly trained in meditation and have studied, practiced, and taught multiple styles ever since. (I’m not telling exactly how long ago that was but, it has been a very, very long time!) For decades, I have trained with…

Beverly McCumber - Master Grief Coach

Beverly McCumber
Master Grief Coach

As a Certified Master Grief Coach, Bev McCumber would like to let those who are grieving know that we are not meant to go through this time alone. We are meant to support one another on this journey of growth and healing.

One-on-one grief coaching is intended to honor your needs. Often, a session revolves around a conversation in which you are encouraged to talk through any….

“We remember the people who show up in our darkest hours.”
Shauna L Hoey