Sandy’s Credentials

Every bit of education matters. Every certification program, every book read, workshop attended and time shared listening to others. Each of these experiences is another tool that goes into Sandy’s toolbox at Serenity.

Sandy continues to grow, to learn and to support others.

Holistic Life Coaching

Spencer Institute

THRIVE! Wisdom of Life Coaching School, Levels I and II
(now Clear Inner Focus)

Self Coaching Program

Wisdom of Life – Life Coaching School
(now Clear Inner Focus)

Personal Life Masters Program

Clear Inner Focus

Facilitator of Grief Support Groups

C.A.T.H.E. Center in Burlington, WI
Healing Support for Suicide Loss – Through Grief, into Healing

Burlington Public Library
166 E. Jefferson St.Burlington, WI 53105


Peaceful World Reiki


Sky Blue Dreams

Jeff Montoya Reiki

Founding member of the Milwaukee Reiki Association

Moderator and Steward Program Manager for Alliance of Hope for Survivors of Suicide Loss