Hypnosis and Meditation

What do you think of when you consider hypnosis or meditation? Do you imagine watching the swinging watch and then following all directions? Sort of like some of the very funny movies with my favorite characters, Abbott and Costello.

Do you imagine that the hypnotist is going to suggest that you give up speaking altogether and begin quacking like a duck?

What if I told you that neither of these things is true? Would that put your mind at ease? I sure hope so, but let’s just talk about this a bit more. After all, when we have more accurate information, we are better suited to make wise decisions.

Let’s start here. When you change the way your mind thinks – you change the way your life unfolds. Meditation is deep relaxation. Hypnosis is deep relaxation with the intention of welcoming change.

Hypnosis is about communicating with the subconscious, which operates around 88% of our lives. Yes, although it takes an astonishing amount of our time and effort, our conscious thinking mind is only in control 12% of the time.

The powerful subconscious mind is responsible for beating our hearts, blinking our eyes and breathing our bodies. The subconscious is also responsible for keeping us as safe as possible at all times. Which is why when we have experienced something traumatic or shocking, it’s not at all unusual to become jumpy, to have difficult calming due to being on alert all of the time. The subconscious may well have taken on the message that danger is lurking around every corner.

Hypnosis can be very helpful as you are experiencing grief, processing, and healing. It matters because the words we think, speak and hear are creating our truth. Quite literally. When we are hurting and all of our focus, thoughts, and conversations are about the depth of that pain, we are reinforcing these things within our subconscious.

Let me be very clear. I am not advocating denial! Hurt, worry, guilt, anger, and all emotions matter. It’s not only not helpful, but actually detrimental to deny them. What is helpful is acknowledging, processing and then gently shifting our awareness by becoming aware of better feeling, more gentle thoughts and noticing what we think, say and hear.

A few of the benefits you can expect when you experience hypnosis or meditation:

  • Increased calm and reduced worry
  • Support you as you process thoughts and feelings
  • Reinforced self-confidence
  • Improvement with focus and concentration
  • Better rest and sleep
  • Improved eating, releasing issues with over or under eatingThe purpose of hypnosis is to speak directly to the subconscious, which is amazingly literal. The way this happens is really very straight forward.The client relaxes and just allows the positive suggestions offered by the hypnotist to settle into the subconscious. This is truly where the work happens, as the subconscious begins to accept the confidence-building and positive suggestions, benefits are felt and experienced on a conscious level.Hypnosis is a completely natural state which you visit on a daily basis. Easily and naturally. That place that we sometimes think of as twilight, when we aren’t quite awake and not really asleep either. That’s trance, yes, you are experiencing hypnosis daily. Have you ever been so focused on the road when you are driving that you miss a traffic sign or don’t notice your turn? Think about that amazing movie that you were watching, you got so caught up that you may have jumped and spilled your popcorn when tapped on the shoulder. That highly focused state is a trance.

NO! You cannot be hypnotized against your will. In fact, all hypnotism is actually self-hypnosis. The hypnotist is merely a guide, leading the subject into the relaxed state which allows the subject to accept the suggestions they prefer. This means you are the decision maker about what suggestions to accept and what to simply let go.

You will feel relaxed. You will be able to hear everything the hypnotist is saying to you. You may very well remember every word that was spoken. Or you may not remember on a conscious level at all. Either way, you are in control, always.

One on one
We meet in person for your session. You relax and together we discover what you are ready to release and what you are ready to welcome. Remember, this is always all about you.

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Meet as a Group
Join with your fellow participants for a deeply healing experience. You are invited to host this gathering. When you host five (5) to 10 people, your participation is complimentary.

Healing Fire, take a relaxing journey to meet your loved one who is now on The Other Side. These meetings with loved ones, even angels or spirit guides provide an opportunity to safely express what is in your heart. Knowing, trusting that you are absolutely safe.

Past Life Journey, visiting a past life experience can help us to understand who we are in more depth.

Akashic Records, this is where records are stored of every thought, emotion, and event you have ever experienced… in this life or any other. Spirit welcomes you to open and learn as long as it is for your best and highest good. This promotes growth, healing, and a better understanding of how some of our most difficult experiences are helping our soul to grow and evolve. Always moving closer to pure Love.

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You are the writer, producer, and director of your own mind programs. 
~ Elizabeth Bohorquez RN