When I began my grief journey, I found myself at a loss about grief and grieving. That may sound bizarre at first, but I’ve got to say that for me, it was more than a bit overwhelming to try to determine how I ‘should’ feel, and what I should do next.
I turned to experts, books galore.
I looked for websites to show me the way.
What did the experts have to say?
The more I looked for those rules to follow, the more overwhelmed and frustrated I became.
For me, it was incredibly helpful to take in the suggestions, guidance, and even advice that I found and then to determine what was right for me at any given time.
As I let go of the should I felt relief.
As I released the need to follow the absolutes of others, I found my way.
Ahhhhh, true relief.
No one – and I do mean NO ONE is more of an expert on your grief and healing than you.
Let me repeat that because it matters.
YOU are the expert on your grief and healing.
That does not for one moment mean that you need to do this alone. Far from it.
It’s been my experience that when we support one another, learn from one another and share with one another, we all heal at deeper levels.
For me, it was helpful to read. To listen. To share. And then to trust that I could discern what steps were right for me.
Again and again, you will hear me say that we walk this path of grief into healing one step at a time. Arm in arm.
It’s an honor to walk with you.

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