Guest post by by Jan McDaniel

It’s easy to see many of the things grief brings into a life: sorrow, confusion, loneliness, longing, change. Sometimes even trauma and fear. Perhaps wisdom, increased compassion. But there is more.

Loss brings us, ultimately, a new life. Different from the old in many ways, the new existence grows over time, with support and guidance, much like a new garden. And, much like a garden of any kind, challenges come, too. Hurdles. Difficulties. Dangers.

All of the new and the old find some kind of balance on most days. Chances to enjoy being alive, to love the people around us become clearer. Peace and acceptance are more common than sorrow. Memories bring more happiness than pain.

What is it that grief has brought you? This might be a good question to answer in your journal. When you do, think about more than just the negative changes and hardships after loss. Look around to see what else is there. Take time to think about this. Go to a place where you can see your new world around you.

Then, take a chance on doing something new. How does that make you feel? If it doesn’t work out, can you try again?

Is there anything left in your life that makes you feel good? Grieving, like so many other things, is complex. Find your balance in the new life you have now.

Many hugs,

My name is Jan McDaniel. I speak grief. I also speak peace and healing. I started A Way for Hope blog and website to house projects I create that might help others who are grieving. The blog has expanded to include guest posts by my dear friends and fellow survivors who wanted to speak hope for others, too.

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