When I decided to become a life coach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin it was clear to me that I needed to become not just a life coach, but a holistic life coach. Why? Because I’ve always believed that every aspect of life truly does affect all others.

Think about it a moment. If you are trying to get in shape but find yourself working long hours, juggling family life and other important commitments, I’m willing to bet that the exercise plan is going to fail pretty quickly. Even with the best of intentions, unless you find a way to prioritize your life, delegate a few things and generally find some balance you are not going to see much progress.

This makes plain and simple sense to me. I’ve been married for a couple of million years, raised a family while trying to keep up with work, extended family, school projects for three boys, Boy Scout activities, sports, etc. You get the idea. I know very well that when I was too overwhelmed in one area another would surely suffer. Just the facts of life, that ripple effect that we all know too well. I found out very early that I was the person who wanted to be involved in all activities. Great intentions, but when I spread myself too thin I wasn’t able to be effective or helpful to others. So, I needed to find balance, again and again. That’s a holistic point of view. I had options and choices; these were reevaluated on a continual basis. Did I get it all right? Nope. But I always learned something and looking back I’m very grateful for those lessons.

I continue to try to find balance in my life. Between career, family, social life, fitness, spiritual life, etc. All are important to me and the balance changes constantly. Sometimes I achieve that balance, sometimes I’m a bit off. That’s alright, the process continues.

So, Milwaukee holistic life coach, yep that’s me. I’m always going to ask others to view their life as a whole, not just bits and pieces.

Wishing you a fabulous day as you find the balance in your life,