We are all our own life coaches. Is your internal life coach supportive and helpful?

What does that little voice say to you when you are tackling a new project? Do you hear it saying things like I can’t do this, it’s much too technical I’m just not bright enough for this project.‚

The good news is that since that coach lives inside your head, you have control! So, take positive action. The next time that voice is saying something negative turn it around. When you are starting a new project that looks a bit daunting and that nasty voice starts again, answer it. If you hear  I’m just not bright enough for this project, take a deep breath and answer yourself. I AM bright enough to handle this project. It will be a good challenge for me to take on something new and I feel proud of myself for accepting that challenge.

This applies to all aspects of our life. When you hear a negative voice starting in your head, turn it around. It’s so cloudy and rainy this morning, ugh. Change it to ‘The rain is so good for the garden, the flowers are smiling’. It’s going to rain either way, so try shifting your thoughts and mood regarding the situation, you will start to feel better and your entire day will improve as a result.

Wishing you a day filled with fabulous comments of love and support from the life coach who lives inside your head.