Guest blog by Jan McDaniel

When it feels like you are trying to accomplish something that is way too much for you, where do you find the strength to continue?

It might be through other people – family, friends, even strangers – or by turning to your Faith. Many people tell me it is prayer and Bible reading that give them the strength to go on. Sometimes, it could be by helping others or taking time to make a gratitude list.

All of the above are on my list, plus things like music, working on a project or piece of art, And nature. Walking through the trees or sitting beside the water can take you away from your problems and worries even for a few moments. It is those moments that bring restful healing to body and mind, so incorporating some of these things into your day – each day – should help you grow stronger.

Here are a few more items you might want to add to your list:

*Work on being self-aware. I know you have a lot to do, but a few minutes of journaling about why you reacted the way you did this morning or reflecting on what parts of yourself make you happiest are worthwhile.

*Encourage yourself. Stop focusing on the negative thoughts that make you feel trapped. Think about the positive ways you interact with the world.

*Give yourself permission to more forward in ways that show who you truly are.

Need a simple way to get started? Read Daily Ways to Survive the Holidays, and make an effort to do one of these suggestions each day. Soon, you will have your own list of strengths on which to rely.

Jan McDaniel is a writer from the southeastern United States. She creates projects for survivors of traumatic loss, including suicide loss, through her website and blog, A Way for Hope.

A partner of Serenity and frequent guest blogger. Jan’s words always ring with wisdom, compassion, and resilience.

Jan has shared her journal prompts in the hope that you find them healing. Twelve Months of Healing.